New Publications in Press

1. The Mechanical Role of the Cervix in Pregnancy – A Review

2. A Continous Fiber Distribution Material Model for Human Cervix

3. Analyzing Three-Dimensional Ultrastructure of Human Cervical Tissue Using Optical Coherence Tomography

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Dr. Joy Vink selected as a Louis V. Gerstner Jr. Scholar

Our clinical collaborator, Dr. Joy Vink has been selected as a 2015 Louis V. Gerstner Jr. Scholar. This program supports physician-scientists at the Columbia University Medical Center to conduct translational research designed to bring new treatments for patients.

Congratulations Dr. Vink!

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Dr. Myers wins NSF CAREER Award

Great news! Dr. Myers recently won the NSF CAREER award for her project, “Growth and Remodeling of the Uterine Cervix during Pregnancy”.

This award will help support our ongoing investigation of the underlying causes of preterm cervical remodeling. Specifically, this work will focus on determining the biochemical and mechanical property changes that occur under various hormonal cues during pregnancy.

Congratulations Dr. Myers!

Columbia Engineering | Professor Myers Wins NSF CAREER Award

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Preterm Birth Statistics – Updated Nov. 2014

The World Health Organization released new statistics on the rate of preterm birth around the world. The bottom line is preterm birth rates are still high. About 15 million babies are born preterm every year. In 2013 almost 1 million babies died from complications related to preterm birth. Increased knowledge on the cause of preterm and better solutions to prevent it from happening are much needed.

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Publication Alert: Collagen Crosslinks and Tensile Structural Properties in Mouse Cervix Throughout Gestation

Our paper titled, “Quantitative Evaluation of Collagen Crosslinks and Corresponding Tensile Mechanical Properties in Mouse Cervical Tissue during Normal Pregnancy” has been published in the open source journal, PLOS ONE. Here, we report our findings on both mature and immature collagen crosslink density throughout mouse gestation and how it correlates to tensile structural properties.

Thank you to our collaborators and co-authors for your contributions!

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Collaborative Effort – Columbia Medical Center and School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)

The Myers lab is featured in this Summer’s edition of Connections (pages 7-8) – a Newsletter from the Columbia University Medical Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The article details our collaborative relationship with clinicians and scientists to unravel the causes of preterm birth. Here, we discuss how we use our finite elements models of pregnancy to understand how the cervix acts as a mechanical barrier to protect the fetus.

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Myers Lab at World Congress of Biomechanics 2014

The Myers Lab will be presenting 2 podium and 1 poster presentation at this year’s World Congress of Biomechanics in Boston. These presentations will be a part of the Reproductive Biomechanics and FEBio Symposia.

Reproductive Biomechanics Symposium:
1. The Constitutive Modeling of Human Cervical Tissue, presented by Kristin M.Myers
2. Cervical Tissue Remodeling and Collagen Crosslinks in Infection and Non-Infection Based Preterm Birth Mouse Models, presented by Kyoko Yoshida

FEBio Symposium
3. A Finite Element Model of the Female Pelvic Region during Pregnancy, presented by Kristin M. Myers (first author: Michael Fernandez)

Coauthors: Joy Vink, MD, Ronald Wapner, MD, Mala Mahendroo, PhD, Michael Fernandez, Wang (Frank) Yao, Noelia Zork, MD, Serge Cremers, PhD Honfeng Jiang, PhD, & David Paik, MD

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