Kristin M. Myers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

B.S. University of Michigan – 2002
M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 2005
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 2008
Post-Doc Johns Hopkins University – 2010

Faculty Advisor, WinME – Graduate Women’s Club in Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisor, Columbia University Tau Beta Pi

2014 Conference Abstracts and Presentations:
1. The Tension/Compression Anisotropic and Viscoelastic Material Response of Cervical Tissue,
Society of Experimental Mechanics Conference
2. Cervical Tissue Remodeling and Collagen Crosslink Turnover in Pregnancy,
US National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
3. The Constitutive Modeling of Human Cervical Tissue,
World Congress of Biomechanics
4. A Finite Element Model of the Female Pelvic Region during Pregnancy,
World Congress of Biomechanics

Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Record
School of Engineering and Applied Science 

Hometown: Metro Detroit suburbs

CVKristin Myers Columbia CV, Kristin Myers NIH Biosketch


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