Michael Fernandez, M.S.

Columbia SEAS Graduate Research Presidential Fellow

B.S. University of Houston, Honors College – 2009
M.S. Columbia University – 2010
Ph.D. Candidate Columbia University

Research: biomechanics of the cervix, permeability of hydrated tissue, advanced Magnetic Resonance Imagining methods, finite element analysis, large-deformation constitutive modeling

Member, International House Choir
Member, Engineers without Borders Columbia University

Conference Abstracts and Presentations:
1. Direct Permeability Measurements of Pregnant and Nonpregnant Human Cervical Tissue
Society of Gynecologic Investigators, San Diego, CA 2012
2.Direct Measurement of Human Cervical Tissue Permeability
ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference, Fajardo, Puerto Rico 2012

Hometown: Houston, TX

Interests: metal working, life hacking, programing, biking, cooking

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