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Columbia Academic Commons and MIT DSpace

We are in the process of making all of our publications available through the Columbia University Library website – Academic Commons.  Here you will find abstracts, data sets, and our peer-reviewed articles.  There is no login required, thanks in-part to Columbia University Libraries! You can already find Dr. Myers’s MIT theses at MIT DSpace.

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Society of Gynecologic Investigators Meeting 2012

We will be presenting at this year’s Society of Gynecologic Investigation Meeting in San Diego.  Kyoko’s abstract is entitled Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2 Knock-out and Wild-type Mouse Cervix Exhibit Time- Dependent Mechanical Properties, and Michael’s abstract is entitled Direct Permeability Measurements of Pregnant and Nonpregnant Human Cervical Tissue


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Prematurity Article in the New Yorker

Click the link below to read a fantastic article regarding preterm birth and its many causes.  For me, the take-home message is – not much is known on how to diagnose and treat preterm labor, but researchers are beginning to piece the puzzle together!

“The reasons for premature birth are not well understood. Sometimes the mother develops hypertension, often called preeclampsia, and blood flow to the placenta is disrupted. In other instances, the placenta fails to grow, or it abruptly detaches, as was the case with Caroline. Other women have “cervical incompetency”—the cervix dilates early and labor begins. Infections, particularly of the mother’s genito-urinary tract, can induce pre-term labor as well. There are also cases in which there is no apparent precipitant.”

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Reproductive Subtheme – 2012 ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference

I am happy to announce there will be a Reproductive Solid Mechanics sub theme at this year’s Summer Bioengineering Conference. Deadline for abstract submission is this Friday, January 13, 2012.  [info]

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