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World’s First MRI Birth

A mother in Berlin is the first woman ever to give birth inside a MRI scanner!

Doctors in Berlin designed an open MRI scanner to capture some amazing images before, during, and after childbirth. Just another example of how medical imaging is really progressing right now. The associated paper also mentions the “mechanical factors” of birth.  Maybe this will inspire more engineers to study reproductive biomechanics…

Human Birth Observed in Real-time Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging [Science Direct]

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Updated Profiles

Please check out Kyoko and Mikes‘ updated profile pages.

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Paper Accepted to IOVS

The paper, “The Inflation Response of Normal and Glaucomatous Posterior Human Sclera” was accepted to Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science this week. This paper was co-authored by Dr. Myers and first-authored by Baptiste Coudrillier in Dr. Vicky Nguyen’s lab at Johns Hopkins.

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