Myers Lab at WISE event

A couple weeks ago, Kyoko went to Poly Prep to participate in Women’s Innovation Symposium in Engineering (WISE) .  The symposium was a great opportunity for girls in middle to high school interested in becoming engineers.  The day included a keynote speaker, who talked about what engineers do, a breakout workshop session, and concluded with a presentation from the girls about what they learned.  Kristin and Kyoko designed a workshop to teach girls about the strength of materials by running some experiments to measure the mechanical properties of different rubber specimens .  The girls had a great time playing with spring gauges and calipers, and got first hand experience on how important it is to run careful experiments!  Check out some pictures here.

It was a fun event and a great opportunity to not only to reach out to young aspiring lady engineers, but also to network with other ladies in engineering.  We hope to be participating again next year!

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