New Publication – Using OCT to Characterize Cervical Collagen Direction

With our collaborator Christine Hendon in Electrical Engineering here at Columbia, we have characterized the collagen fiber directionality of the human cervix using optical coherence tomography (OCT). Our results are now published in a study entitled, Collagen Fiber Orientation and Dispersion in the Upper Cervix of Non-Pregnant and Pregnant Women on the PLOS ONE website. The study is co-authored by Wang (Frank) Yao from the Myers lab and Yu Gan from the Hendon lab.

All raw data are available on the Columbia University Academic Commons website (

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Myers Lab Featured in ASME Online

Read a recent article about our pregnancy biomechanics work featured in ASME online.

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Congratulations Kyoko and Michael!

Kyoko and Michael have successfully defended their doctoral thesis – congratulations!

2016-05-15 20.03.07

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New Publication Alert – Material Properties of the Mouse Cervix in a Normal Pregnancy

Our paper titled, “Material properties of mouse cervical tissue in normal gestation” has been published in Acta Biomaterialia. This paper outlines our experimental and inverse finite element methods to calculate the material property changes of the mouse cervix in a normal pregnancy. Here, we found that cervical stiffness in a mouse decreases by 4 orders of magnitude within a 19-day mouse pregnancy. Our raw data from this study is also available at the Columbia University Library’s Academic Commons (

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Why Mothers Deliver Early

Our preterm birth research is featured in the Fall/Winter 2015 Columbia Medicine Alumni Magazine along with all of our Columbia colleagues working towards understanding and reducing the burden of preterm birth.

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Myers Lab Open Positions Fall 2016

The Myers lab has open graduate research positions in reproductive biomechanics. The job tasks include: the mechanical testing of collagenous tissues, investigating steroid hormone and extracellular matrix biochemistry, hyperelastic material constitutive modeling, analysis of the growth and remodeling of biologic tissues, and finite element modeling. Please contact with your CV if interested.

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