Myers Lab at World Congress of Biomechanics 2014

The Myers Lab will be presenting 2 podium and 1 poster presentation at this year’s World Congress of Biomechanics in Boston. These presentations will be a part of the Reproductive Biomechanics and FEBio Symposia.

Reproductive Biomechanics Symposium:
1. The Constitutive Modeling of Human Cervical Tissue, presented by Kristin M.Myers
2. Cervical Tissue Remodeling and Collagen Crosslinks in Infection and Non-Infection Based Preterm Birth Mouse Models, presented by Kyoko Yoshida

FEBio Symposium
3. A Finite Element Model of the Female Pelvic Region during Pregnancy, presented by Kristin M. Myers (first author: Michael Fernandez)

Coauthors: Joy Vink, MD, Ronald Wapner, MD, Mala Mahendroo, PhD, Michael Fernandez, Wang (Frank) Yao, Noelia Zork, MD, Serge Cremers, PhD Honfeng Jiang, PhD, & David Paik, MD

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